Size Chart

How to choose the right sizes?

We offer in 4 sizes for the underwear:
M /ย  L / XL / XXL
* Please note that on the size chart, the size of the Waist showing single side,
please times 2 (x2) [ eg. M : 33cm x 2 = 66cm / which is 26 INCH on the waist ]
< 1 INCH = 2.54 cm>
- 26 INCH = 66cm (M)
- 28 INCH = 71cm (L)
- 29 INCH = 74cm (L)
- 30 INCH = 76cm (XL)
- 31.5 INCH = 80cm (XXL)

*For Boxer briefs, Drawers Low-Rise Frosty and SlimFit-Trunk please pick a size bigger than what you usually wear for more comfort.

Size Chart for UNCOATED247:
Drawers Low-Rise Frosty (Ver.2 & ALL MESH DESIGN) /ย SlimFit-Trunk /ย Boxer Briefs-Low Rise /ย Balanced Pants / Drawers Excel /ย Super Essential Low-rise SET

Drawers Low-Rise Frosty Ver.2

Drawers Low-Rise Frosty - ALL DESIGN MESH

Drawers Low-Rise Frosty


Boxer Briefs - Low Rise

Balanced Pants

Drawers Excel

Super Essential Low-rise SET