Did you find that a lot of handsome fitness guys on Instagram are using "this" recently? Essentials That You Need In Your Gym Bag.

Did you find that the handsome fitness guys on Instagram are using "this" recently? Essentials That You Need In Your Gym Bag.

Attract the whole gym´s attention with your first steps in the class! By knowing how to pack the perfect gym bag, you go confidently into your workouts knowing that you have all the essentials you need before and after your session. How relaxing is that? 

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For those who plan on a quick rinse after your workout, You cannot miss out Flexin 3-in-1 shower gel! From hair shampoos to scented body wash, and face cleanser, its a multi-function shower gel that makes sure you have everything you need to feel squeaky clean from head to toe.

Don’t have the time or energy to shower after your workout? We’ve all been there! By bringing along a bottle of multi-function shower gel, you can wash away excess oil and dirt to help maintain skin balance and protect the skin.

♯ The bottle is small and compact- It does not occupy any space in the gym bag.

♯ Bright and beautiful colors -The simple and transparent design of the outer bottle and printed with black and white words, it is good looking and fits your daily style.

♯ Various scent choices and high scent persistence- 6 different styles of scent, and the scent can last more than 3 hours

Flexin Multi-Body Wash

It can be done ▼

  • Mild-Gentle Shampoo-Replenish moisture and suppleness with PENTAVITIN, which is widely recognized by water lock magnets
  • Facial Cleanser- carbonated bubbles penetrate deep into pores to wash away keratin and the old waste
  • Refreshing and soothing perfumed shower gel-7 natural plant extracts to help protect the skin

Let's take a look at the unique fragrances ▼

Different colors, different styles of aroma, representative of your charm #FlexinMulti-BodyWash

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A delicate and luxrious fragrance

Flexin  Body Wash & Body Spray >> https://flexin.sg/collections/frontpage


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