Want to catch hold of your interviewerโ€™s heart at first sight? Prepare yourself by looking smart!

Want to catch hold of your interviewerโ€™s heart at first sight? Prepare yourself by looking smart!

The anxiety you face before attending an interview, I bet many of you must have experienced this before...right?ย ๐Ÿ˜ฃ

A new wave of job hunting season, put aside your resume and on-the-spot performance, what other things should you master to create great impressions?

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Now, we are going to show you the importance of paying attention to your outfit and external appearance!ย 

Decent Dressing

To play safe, guys usually put on a Shirt + Suit Pants + Suit Jackets!
This combination is safe, but if it is too dull, boring and lack of personal style...you will not be able to attract the attention of the interviewer!ย 

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Of course, those who are under the financial or legal sector requires formal dress code. For those in the creative industry (e.g. advertising, media, etc) will have more freedom in dressing up! Nonetheless, regardless of what you wearโ€ฆmake a small change to look different on some days!ย 

Where should you start? ๐Ÿค”

I know, I know...there isnโ€™t much room for change when it comes to the set of suit (shirt + pants + jacket), why not start from one of them?!

If you choose the shirtโ€ฆโ€ฆ

Remember that picking a lighter color can make you look more energetic and younger; while a darker color gives a stable and mature look. As for the design, if you want to toss aside those plain colored tops, go for those patterned ones (but not too complicated).ย 

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In addition, apart from Black, White and Grey...I recommend blue! According to foreign surveys, 23% of participants said that they prefer candidates to dress in blue because it makes the person look confident and good! Adjust the image you want to present by picking different shades of blue!

In terms of patterns, the thinner the stripes, the smaller the checkered squares, the smaller the dots...they look more formal, but such printed styles are actually not recommended when you are attending an interview.

Oh! You can also choose not to wear a shirt inside, but a plain knitted top! This is pretty stylish, but hey...you must first try and see if this style suits you, because not everyone can pull it off :)

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If you choose the jacketโ€ฆโ€ฆ

From the colors, formal suits are usually Black, Grey, Blue and other colors of cooler tones. As for casual suits, they get to play around more with different colors. Most formal suits have inner shoulder paddings, but they are not necessarily used on casual suits. For casual, the suit jacket can be paired with T-shirt, Jeans and Sneakers.ย 

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When paired with sneakers, it will not look mature and serious anymoreโ€ฆ!

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Or, not wearing any jacket but just a knitted vest, can also look good!

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If you choose the pantsโ€ฆ...

If you donโ€™t feel comfortable in suit pants, you can wear a pair of casual pants, but itโ€™s best to be in a plain color.ย 

Jeans are acceptable, but just donโ€™t pick those fancy types (with paint splatters or holes)!

In fact, no matter what you wear...thereโ€™s one thing you must take note of!
Which is...TIDINESS! Do not wear crumpled clothing to the interview...it will be a total disaster. ๐Ÿšซ

If you have an electric iron at home, just iron your clothes and hang them up before you wear to avoid creasing!ย 

However, if you do not have an electric iron at home...what should you do?

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