[Underwear is your best partner!] Don’t ruin your image by wearing the wrong kind!

It is an important item to protect a guy’s most important area...of course you have to pay more attention to it! Perhaps, you are only concerned about your external outfit, but don’t say I never tell you...when the right moment is here...you may be throwing your face with those old-fashioned underwear! 🙈
A perfect Oppa takes care of his image from head to toe and inside out!  
In fact, many people make mistakes in selecting the right underwear...
What about you?
1. The looser, the better?
A  guy’s underwear should be fitting, stretchable and not too tight. if it is too tight...your ‘little brother’ may be suffocating down there! It gets worse when it comes to walking or running as they rub against your skin, so uncomfortable! 😱
Time to get rid of discomfort! Loose underwear may also make your entire outfit look funny, especially when you are wearing a dashing suit that day. It’s either peeking out of your pants or creating creases on your suit pants! 
2. Are there only 2 types of underwear (briefs / boxers)? 
Of course not!
Briefs is definitely the classic style! If you exercise regularly, your thighs and legs will be bulkier than other people, then you suit this kind of underwear. For example, professional athletes will wear this kind because there is more freedom of motion. However, many people feel that this is too tight and not visually appealing. It doesn't really cover the inner parts of your thighs, resulting in a possibility of chafing when your body moves around. 
For those who emphasize on comfort, boxers are great! But, they lack of support and this is something you want to think about as you get older. Boxers comes with an opening at the front to make it more convenient for you in the toilet. Your ‘little brother’ has more space to breathe in this light and loose fabric. 🙂
#Boxer Briefs
Recently, there is this new style that is trending among youngsters! 
Different people have different preferences...still wondering which to choose?
3. Your existing underwear, has it got holes?!🙊
According to research studies, ⅔ of Men are not too concerned about the cleanliness of their underwear! A survey found that nearly 70% of Men wore the exact same pair of underwear for 3 days before washing it! 17% would flip it inside out, just to wear it again. Isn’t this disgusting?
It all sums up to a single word ‘Lazy’.
Bacteria starts to grow on the underwear wildly!
Worse of all, if the product is made of poor quality, not sweat-proof or non-breathable fabric, they should all be tossed away! Stop wearing them! It’s not about saving...
It’s for your comfort and health! 
Here I recommend to you: Uncoated 247 (from Korea)
Not only the design is stylish...take a look at the waistband!
Excellent breathability!
It even helps to reduce harmful electromagnetic waves caused by our electronic devices!
Really stretchable with the soft fabric!
Stop wearing those old-fashioned underwear! 
Don’t let go of your precious chance!
You need to try it out! 
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