Thoughtful yet budget-friendly Christmas gifts for the whole family that doesn't look cheap!โ™ฅ

Thoughtful yet budget-friendly Christmas gifts for the whole family that doesn't look cheap!โ™ฅ

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Itโ€™s never ever too early to start thinking about Christmas.
The holidays are all about spending time with the ones you love!

Family gift shopping can be tough, much tougher than buying something for your friends.

Whether you are buying individual gifts or something for the family to share, family gift ideas that are considerate and unique can be found; you just have to look in the right places!

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-- These are some of the best gifts to get for the whole familyโœจ

These Christmas gift ideas are all under $50!

We chose affordable and luxe-looking presents that not only suitable for the whole family but also will make your bank account happy!

They may be budget-friendly, but they are still incredibly delightful and we highly doubt your gift recipient will know. In fact, we're pretty sure they will like!๐ŸŽ๐Ÿ’•


1.ANORMAL Laundry Line๐Ÿงดย 

Normal Laundry Detergent (Cotton Trampoline) $29.80
Normal Laundry Softener (Oasis In The Zero Gravity) $29.80

Attractive eye-catching packaging, and pure ingredients that are safe for the family (suitable for children skin too)

Suitable for:ย 
Mom / Sister / Sister In Law /ย Anyone who has kids with sensitive skin

2.ANORMAL Normal Laundry Perfume

Laundry Perfume (offer in 3 fragrances) $16.80

Pair it with 'Normal Laundry Softener - Oasis In The Zero Gravity' to add fragrance according to your preference!

Available in 3 refreshing fragrances to give your clothing that extra freshness!

โœ”Fluffy Hedgehog - White bubble scent

โœ”Dancing with Grandma - Clean cotton scent

โœ”Cotton Candy in the Coat - Laundry scent

Suitable for:ย 
Mom / Sister / Sister In Law /ย Anyone who has kids with sensitive skin

3.ANORMAL Normal Solid Perfume - Box Mayย 

Mini Solid Perfume -MAY BOX with 3 different fragrancesย $39.80

Design in a convenient size that can be placed in any cosmetics pouches, pockets, etc. You can use it anytime and anywhere, to maintain your personal fragrance.

Well, who doesn't want to smell good all the time? I guess no huh? XD

Suitable for:ย 
Your Teenager Sister / Niece / Cousin

4. CILY Silky Lip - Lip Stick

A silk cream lipstick that delivers color and hydration $19.80

#CILY, the products come in beautiful and sweet packaging with various shades available...totally worth to check them out!ย ๐Ÿ”ฅ

CILY Silky Lipย 4 shades in total;

#Pure Pink | #Oriental Orange | #Noir Nude | #Ready Red

The 4 colors are very versatile for daily use, the product comes in a simple round tube design in nude.ย 

Suitable for:ย 
Your K-pop Fans Sister / Your Teenager Daughter

5.CILY Everlasting Mascara

CILYโ€™s Everlasting Mascara comes in 2 shades $22.80

ใ€Available in 2 shades ใ€‘

#JellyBlack #JellyBrown

With build-able fibers, for barbie-like lashes!

Lightweight gel texture, apply evenly and gently to keep eyelashes well-groomed. Plus!ย itโ€™s waterproof and long-lasting!ย 

Suitable for:ย 
Your K-pop Fans Sister / Your Teenager Daughter

6.FLEXINย 3-in-1 Multi Body Wash/ Body Spray - Mute Line

NEW Collection - MUTE Line In The Mood & Fig Rushย $19.00

2 Fragrances 1) IN THE MOOD 2) FIG RUSH

From head to toe, Finish up in just 3 minutes! Quick and efficient shower experience from head to toe. Save up some time on a busy morning or when you need to take a quick shower after working out, shorten the time and energy!

Suitable for:ย 
Brother / Dad / Uncleย 

7.ANORMAL Normal Anti-Mosquito Sprayย 


Pure Ingredients + Powerful Effects + Pretty Packaging!

1.Campfire Master (Zero) - Fragrance Free

2.Campfire Hero (Full) - Lavender Scented

This product is DEET-FREE and contains "Picaridin", which is odorless, non-sticky, non-irritating to the skin.
Suitable for:ย 
Anyone!ย ๐Ÿ˜

8.UNCOATED Balanced Pants

Balanced Pants: EXTREME COMFYย $49.80

If you are looking for extreme comfy pants with a perfect fit. Balanced Pants is what you will need with casual or sporty outfit.


โœ” Stretchy, Breathable fabric for Maximum comfort

โœ” High-density weave Durability and better flexibility

โœ” Does Not Wrinkle Easily, Prevent Static Electricity, Fast Drying โœ” Suitable for Anyone, Anywhere, Easy to style

โœ” Available in 6 colors

(Charcoal / Dark Navy / Dust Beige / Dust Ivory / Kale Khaki / Real Black )

Suitable for:ย 
Dad / Son / Boyfriend / Uncle

9.ANORMAL Normal Perfume

First Non-Allergenic Perfume in Korea!ย ย $19.00

โœ” No added chemicals that trigger allergic reactions

โœ” Great for items that we don't wash everyday (e.g. clothing, shoes, furniture, etc)

โœ” Replaces bad odor with its refreshing and long-lasting scent

ใ€3 Unique Fragrancesใ€‘

*Midnight Pool(Pink White Mask)

- Soft pink white musk scent with the combination of YlangYlang, Jasmine, Rose, Iris and various kinds of flowers, just like you are embraced by the warm sunshine.

*2AM FM Radio(Beige Laundry)

- The clean and refreshing aroma from the combination of apple and lime. A scent of beauty and purity that makes it a nature's gift.

*A Forest Falling Asleep In The Morning(Green Healing Garden)

- Feel the aroma of a green healing garden with the combination blend of lily, rose and a woody musk smell that leaves you revitalized.

Suitable for:ย 
Anyone!ย ๐Ÿ˜

10.ANORMAL Normal Homecare Spray

A Normal Homecare Spray - Capacity 300mlย $25.00

Made of only 100% Natural Ingredients

Apart from eliminating unpleasant odor, it can also be sprayed on fabrics such as theย bed, sofa, curtain or even clothes! It can also be used on the air conditioner filter that you may not clean regularly. helps to get rid of pet odor too!

Simply use it onย their potty area, toys or beds! In short, this can be used anywhere if you smell something bad...try it!ย 

2ย Different Fragrances To Meet Your Needs!

ZERO - Lavender Scented

*Oregano Herbal Oil, Rosemary Oil, Lavender Herbal Oil, Purified waterย 

LAUNDRY - Clothing Softener Scent

*Oregano Herbal Oil, Rosemary Oil, Lavender Herbal Oil, Purified water, Fragrance

Suitable for:ย 

Get the Perfect Family Gift๐Ÿ˜‰

With a little bit of time and effort, you can find a wide range of thoughtful gifts that the family or a family member!

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