No more sweaty,  uncomfortable experiences during hot weather! UNCOATED247 has all your underwear needs!

No more sweaty, uncomfortable experiences during hot weather! UNCOATED247 has all your underwear needs!

Shop men's underwear for the best in comfort!

Besides Low Rise and Slim Fit, the two hot-selling designs provide quick absorption and drying functions.

NOW, UNCOATED 247 newly launched a FROSTY series! 247 FROSTY, a new fabric specially developed by the brand to maintain the best wearing experience in any environment. Designed for ultimate flexibility, extremely light AIRY fabric + 30% cooling sensation for better comfort.

Available in four colors, including frosty gray, frosty blue, frosty orange, and frosty navy.


1) High performance

The innovative fabric for maximum comfort youโ€™d expect from 247 FROSTY. Microfiber AIRY fabric that is 1/10 of regular underwear, fast sweat absorption during a workout, as well as moisture-wicking and anti-odor technology. If youโ€™re going to level-up your fitness game, you need the kind of microfiber underwear thatโ€™ll work as hard as you do, so you can focus on your goals and not the sweaty, uncomfortable situation down below.


Put on and feel the cooling sensation instantly aqua-X.

When it's crazy hot out there, all you need the absolute best cooling performance everywhere you can get it. So it's time to ditch the hot, sweaty cotton undies and pull on the 247 FROSTY.ย 

Microfiber AIRY fabric feels cooler on the skin while fabric resists odors too. Lightweight yet stretchy, they support as you're climbing, crouching, reaching and the smooth of the fabric surface make your skin stay comfy all day.ย 

2) Fabric to reduce electromagnetic waves

DID YOU KNOW? Smartphone electromagnetic waves affect the male reproductive system.

Starting with selecting the right fabric, reduce harmful electromagnetic waves. It helps to protect what's' important to you :)

247 FROSTY - Anti-Electromagnetic radiation

Strategies to reduce your or your familyโ€™s exposure to radiation

247 FROSTY special use of certified electromagnetic wave fabric.

Testing: The electromagnetic wave is reduced by about 1/4.

An anti-electromagnetic fabric makes these a prime choice for daily wear.

Available in four colors :ย 


Orange is loved by many and at the same time hated by many. It is either you like it or not. Orange will be an electric color sported by modern men. It resembles the setting sun, full of energy.



Blue is the next best color loved by both the sexes. They go well with almost everything. Every time one thinks of being a doubt, the navy is one color that every man looks up to because no matter how you look or what physique you have, the options in male underwear with the respective color will the best one.


Blue men's underwear is all about making you feel stability, charm, honor,ย  and sexy. Wear this when you got to look your best.


Gray always be related to mystery and charm, just like black, it will never go out-of-fashion. This is one color surely to be found in every man's underwear drawer.

Check out the best cooling menโ€™s underwear! This incredibly soft fabric feels like nothing you have ever felt before.





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