Support your sports life! Say goodbye to stuffy and airtight underwear! Especially in this hot and humid temp

Support your sports life! Say goodbye to stuffy and airtight underwear! Especially in this hot and humid temp

Best-selling popular Drawer lowrise frosty collection!
Design with bright colour matching and made with special cooling function fabrics.

As soon as it was released, it caused a huge rave and sold out real soon.

There are also many fans who have been asking when they will be able to restock

We have all heard your voices!
So This Season

The upgraded Drawer low-rise frosty VER.2 is arriving in Singapore!

Not only the new version but also a new all mesh material design for high-intensity sports people!!

Let us take a look at the brand-new Drawers Frosty Collection today
What a new and different!!


#AEROCOOL ultra-fine mesh cloth, breathable and upgraded

Drawers Low-rise Frosty Ver.2

The biggest difference from the 1st generation is the addition of a new AEROCOOL ultra-fine mesh fabric
With superior elasticity and breathability, it is very suitable for use in sportswear!!

ย AEROCOOL ultra-fine mesh cloth is added to the crotch and sides to enhance breathability and coolness

Upgraded version for better breathability and coolness than the first version.
Recommended for daily wear or exercise!

#3D UNCOATED ZONE upgrade stability, support, comfort

The first-generation crotch design has received feedback from many customers that it is a bit oppressive

Therefore, the second generation was upgraded for better comfortness and support.

Complete coverage with 3D pouch design makes center parts more comfortable and supportive when exercising

The inner part material also continues to use the well-received VOTLON fabric

The material can not only has antibacterial and deodorizing but also improve the influence of electromagnetic waves to your little brother

Crafting the best men's underwear for you, bring you to the next level feeling

# Simple but stylish design

Maintaining the neat low-waisted shape of the first generation, this time adopts a more concise and refreshing thin trousers design that is more in line with the latest trend

There are 4 colours to choice
Plain and highlight waistband design. Men who usually pay attention to matching inner clothes will definitely like it.

The uncoated underwear uses a higher aqua-x & AEROCOOL quality material than other cotton-made underwear, and it can maintain the original comfort even when worn in sweltering weather!

Trust Me! This price will definitely give you the feeling of value for money!

Get to know what is the difference between 3 types of Drawers Low-rise Frosty Underwearโ–ผ

If you are looking for better quality and good-looking underwear! Also the right underwear for sportswear. You must try on this one!

Share it with your friends! UNCOATED 247 provides you 24 hrs 7 days a comfortness!

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