How to save water and electricity bills but still looking fresh and stylish?

How to save water and electricity bills but still looking fresh and stylish?

The weather has been so hot recently, and we are spending more and more time at home. The electricity and water bills at home have also risen a lot...๐Ÿ˜ญ

Therefore, how to save money on electricity bills is the key. and we are here to share several proven energy-saving products for your reference:

Number one: reduce water usage

A little could save a lot
Turn off the water if you shave or brush your teeth in the shower to save time.

Take shorter showers, the duration of the shower has a direct effect on water usage.

If you want to shower more effectively, there are some shower product could give a little helpย ๐Ÿ’ฆ

โ–บย FLEXIN โ€“ย 3-in-1 Multi Body Wash โ—„

[ Why called 3-in-1 Multi Body Wash? ]

1. Use as Shampoo, Mild & Gentle Includes Natural ingredients 'PENTAVITIN' highly effective moisture regulator that helps to reduce dryness & Irritation.

2. For face Ingredient "Natural Carbonated water' produced in Vergรจze, Southern France. Carbonated bubbles penetrate deep into the pores, wash away keratin & dirt to help clean pores & maintain skin balance.

3. For Body Consists of 7 All-Natural Plant Extracts that protect the skin

  • Recommended for men who:

โœ”๏ธWant to take a quick shower and expect a scent that lingers after shower

โœ”๏ธthose who exercise frequently

โœ”๏ธthose who travel frequently


    Number two: Reducing electricity use

    In order to lower the temperature of the room, most of us have to turn on the air conditioner for at least 5 hours a day, and some even longer...

    We do have better options to reduce your energy consumption while maintaining comfort

    โ–บย UNCOATED247 โ€“ย Frostyย Collectionย โ—„

    247 Frosty,

    A new fabric specially developed by the brand to maintain the best wearing experience in any environment.

    Designed for the ultimate flexibility,for that high sports performance .

    โ™ฆ Extremely light AIRY Fabric

    โ™ฆ Absorbs sweat quickly

    โ™ฆ 30% Cooling sensation

    โ™ฆ Reduce harmful electromagnetic waves

    โ™ฆ Excellent breathability

    โ™ฆ Highly elastic waistband that is soft and skin-friendly

    • Cooling Effect

    Put on and feel the cooling sensation instantly-aqua-X A cooling effect 4 times lower than normal temperature.


    To ensure that you do not appear too casual during the Zoom meeting with your boss, you will need some comfortable and stylish items to help you get the best work outfit.

    To help, we collected one of our favorite fashion pant!

    โ–บย UNCOATED247 โ€“ Balanced Pantsย โ—„


    โœ” Stretchy, Breathable fabric for Maximum comfort

    โœ” High-density weave Durability and better flexibility

    โœ” Does Not Wrinkle Easily, Prevent Static Electricity, Fast Drying

    โœ” Suitable for Anyone, Anywhere, Easy to style

    โœ” Available in 6 colors

    (Charcoal / Dark Navy / Dust Beige / Dust Ivory / Kale Khaki / Real Black )


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