I really love my ‘Little Wife’...Is it really necessary to apply a coating layer on her?

I really love my ‘Little Wife’...Is it really necessary to apply a coating layer on her?

Who doesn't want their 'little wife' to shine, like a brand new car. Look...at this bunch of gangsters going round scratching cars…=_=’’’

In order to prevent this from happening, you should help her put on the "scratch-resistant armor" as soon as possible! 

Car owners spend lots of time and money to take care of their cars, such as car washing and waxing...and now you have another option!!!

Which is...superhydrophobic coating for vehicles! 

Photo source : Pixabay@Pexels

Car lovers have a common problem...

Waxing & Coating...how to choose? 

The comparison of a car maintenance is as follows:


Surface protection

Anti-fouling ability

Gloss persistence  

UV resistant




No hardness

2-3 months

1-2 months


2-3 months 

3-8 thousand


Hardness 5-6H
Has anti-scratch function

1-2 years

1-2 years


1-2 years 

10-30 thousand


Wah...just by looking at this chart, Coating is more expensive! 

Photo source : Lukas@Pexels

The benefits of coating...

  1. Anti-oxidation→  The coating layer formed on the car surface completely protects the car surface and paint.
  2. Gloss →  Makes the surface of the car body look newer.
  3. Preservative → Withstand acid rain, flying insects, bird droppings and other corrosion damage to car paint.
  4. Water repellency →  Make the water slide to the car body and instantly shrink into water drops to prevent water marks and scale from being left on the surface.
  5. Anti-scratch→  Improve car body surface hardness, much higher than car wax.
  6. High temperature resistance →  Can effectively reflect sunlight and achieve anti-UV effect.

With that said, are you eager to try it out? 

But there must be some people worrying about the problem of price, now don't worry about it~ Car coating is no longer a thing for premium cars!!!

If you want to coat but is too expensive at workshops, this DIY coating is definitely affordable! Follow me ↓↓↓

Our Recommendation : Flexin No Cratch 

Point 01  Anti-scratch function can reach the highest level of 9H hardness

The hardness of the coating will vary according to the size and density of the coating agent particles!

No Cratch is the secret which uses the effective Ultra-Fine Nano-Coated Particles to achieve the maximum surface protection.

Let's see what happen to the scratches after applying a coating layer?

It has good anti-scratch effect and the scratches will disappear immediately.

Point 02  Super hydrophobic coating function

Not only does it ensure a clear view on rainy days, you can also easily remove pollutants by just washing the car with water ~

(Left : Before using No Cratch | Right: After using No Cratch ) 

Water will not remain on the surface of the car body, it will not leave behind water stains...the superhydrophobic effect is great! ☔️

Just use clean water to wash away dirt and contaminants!!! Car washing is hassle-free now! 

Point 03  Recovery function of gloss and small scratches

Contains silicon dioxide material for the gloss effect!

Ultrafine coating particles can fill the middle of small scratches and have the effect of recovering small scratches visually ~


Point 04  Block UV & Anti-Fouling Function

Obtained the highest level of chemical resistance certification to effectively prevent corrosion and pollution on vehicle surfaces!

Whether it's acid rain, bird droppings, or dead insects, don't be afraid ~

Point 05  Gloss effect

Make the surface of the car smooth and shiny! Drive out your beloved car confidently! 

Free microfiber polishing towel is included in the purchase. It is made in Korea and does not scratch the car body. Maximize the effects when used together!!!


Moreover, this product is different from other brands on the market, which can only be used on the vehicle surface. However, No Cratch can be used in all parts of the vehicle!

It's super easy to use, just 4 steps  :

Wipe dry any excess water droplets after washing the car → Shake the product well and spray it on the car surface

→ Use a microfiber polishing towel and gently wipe in a circular pattern. → Wait at least 2 hours for hardening time after coating.

You're done 🚗🚗🚗

* Can be used for 2-3 times on the entire vehicle (using a medium-sized vehicle as a standard) 

* The effects last for 3-6 months

There aren’t many affordable, yet effective product like FLEXIN NO CRATCH Don’t miss it...try it now! 



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