How to choose men's underwear? A brief guide for buying underwear👈🏻

How to choose men's underwear? A brief guide for buying underwear👈🏻

Do you change your underwear often? We all love buying new clothes, and shoes. Most of us care about our outfits and appearance and how others think about us. But one of the most important things you buy is something most people not going to notice,  your underwear!😎


Trust us, you need to put in at least a bit of effort on it. Basic hygiene is important. Also, perfect-fit underwear provides you with confidence and walking out with ease.🚶🏻


It's time to give proper attention to your underwear to guarantee you're comfortable and clean year around!✨ Check out the following buying men's underwear guide down below 👇👇

Boxers, Briefs, or Boxer Briefs?
(Trunk), (Low-rise forsty), (Drawers Excel)
Boxers are great if you're willing to exchange support for a more relaxed fit. Comfort and loose option. While some of you may suffer from wedgies with boxers' loose fit. Or get annoyed by wrinkle marks when wearing jeans or leggings. If you are someone who wants the best of both parts, there's another option, boxer briefs, which provide the perfect mix of comfort and support. ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

Dark or Light? What colour should I choose?

⚫️ Darker colours⭕️⭕️⭕️
⚪️ Lighter colours❌❌❌



White shows stains easier than darker colours, you're really better off keeping bottoms black or blue. As if choosing light colours, a few stain forces you to change new underwear often, which is not bad tho.  

Size Matters! 

Pick the right and perfect size so as you pick the right size of your shoes. A loose fit may affect your pants wearing. You might have to care if the underwear is too big to cause falling or too tight to walk comfortably. 🐣🐘

Are the bands at the base of your legs too constricting? That's a clear indication that you need to size up. Are you tucking your underpants into your pants? probably a size too big. The right size matters, also providing the right support.  



When to buy a new pair?? should I change it too often

You're better off clearing them all no later than twice a year. 
The sign to throw them in the trash bin instead of the laundry basket? Fading, over-stretching and the obvious, irremovable stain are key signs to throw them all.👋🏻👋🏻


Wear a different pair for the gym ⛹🏻‍♂️🏋🏻‍♀️

When you're lifting or doing strenuous exercise, a pair of breathable & moisture-wicking fabric underwear is a MUST!

What do you have to care about sportswear underwear?
- breathability
- quick dry
- moisture wicking
- lightweight
- ultra softness
- 3D pouch support
- antibacterial and deodorant

Better going with something more moisture-wicking, especially when gym priorities are about preventing foul smells with layers that support you. 

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Have you figured out the style of underwear you have in mind? Hurry up and choose one that suits you😎 Click here for more underwear options🤙🏻


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