How to choose a unique fragrance? There are few things to consider when choosing a perfume!

How to choose a unique fragrance? There are few things to consider when choosing a perfume!

Choosing the right perfume is always a challenging job.

You want your personal scent that will distinguish you from the others and make you feel special and unique but also you want it to be suitable for most of the places u go.

Its very important for you to make the right decision when choosing a perfume to wear on different occasions.

A Fragrance For Every Occasion

Having a fragrance for every occasion is definitely something that will elevate your fragrance game to the next level.

Here are our picks for you:

โ™ฆFLEXIN 3-in-1 Multi Body Spray

NEW Collection - MUTEย LINE In The Mood & Fig Rush



An alluring sandalwood fragrance.

A blend of both sandalwood and cardamom for the sweet, warm and woody notes.

The reason why sandalwood incense is so popular is because of it's
unique fragrance that can bring relaxation, soothe, and amplify the sense of joy.

And cardamom, which is also one of the main ingredients in Flexin mute line, people called Cardamon "Queen of the Spice" for a reason!

From the initial spicy fragrance, and the sweet smell remains after sometimes...

After being modulated in a special proportion

It has warm sandalwood and a light sweet aroma of cardamom

โ€”a smoky, full of charm and unique fragrance


Warm and sweet Fig scent.

Sweet and gentle, with a soft sense of freshness.

The elegant notes of figs, combined with citrus scents deliver a smell of crisp Cedarwood.

Chosen fresh and rare figs and cedar as the main raw materials

The sweet and astringent smell of figs, embellished with the elegant and mild fragrance of cedar

The beginning of this fragrance brings sweet and fresh-green, the fragrance changes according to our body temperature, and bring warm and soft scents.


[ Recommended tor Men ] who are looking for:

* Good quality perfume to use onย everyday

* Fragrances to remove cigarette smell

* Products made of safe ingredients

* Body sprays to eliminate odor after exercise

Capacity : 120ml (4.06 fl oz) / bottle

Improving the formulas of other body sprays in the market, with an increment of fragrance concentration to 6%.

With only one use a day, the fragrance can last for 5 hours and above!

โงFLEXINย ย โ€“ SUN RISEย โ˜™

Sweet and subtle notes of Grapefruit Cocktailย 

Who said that grapefruit can only be on drinks?

a combination of grapefruit, bergamot, musk, and others, bring out the most gentle fragrance for daily use!

SUNRISE present just like a glass of cocktail, with rich layers and impressive!




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