Heart pounding excitement! Preparing for a date?

Meeting the girl of your dreams? Looking forward to it but yet, so anxious!?
The thing is...are you prepared?
This article guides you through to keep you in top form!
First, sniff and how do you smell now? Hmmmm?
That’s right! Take a refreshing shower! 💦
STEP 1) Use FLEXIN 3-in-1 Multi Body Wash from head to toe! 
Shampoo? Body Wash? Face Wash? Simply use this bottle!
Isn’t it convenient? Apart from that, the fragrance is formulated like other luxury perfumes with higher concentration! Developed by perfume researchers with over 11 years of experience. Long-lasting fragrances that last for 3 hours or more! Trust us, girls love these fragrances as well! 
🔻 FLEXIN 3-in-1 Multi Body Wash 🔻
Next, open up your wardrobe...
you definitely have to pick the best outfit to look good! 
Oh…one more important point to note! Pause...don’t put on the outfit yet!
Source: sdnet01@pixabay
Do you feel this way?
A model can look so good in that particular outfit, but when you put on the exact same piece, something is just…missing?! Maybe that 2% difference?
I believe...it’s your shoulders…
Narrow shoulders make your head looks small, just like a lollipop! 🍭
*Fret not, we’ve got you covered...😏 A solution to this problem* 
STEP 2) Put on FLEXIN Shoulder Wear before your outfit!
I believe this extra step is new to most guys out there, but a little change makes a big difference! A unique design that is unobvious and created based on mold template that resembles a Man’s Deltoid Muscle. It is lightweight and gives a perfect fit with comfortable quality. The paddings stay in place even if you move around and it is stretchable!
↓ Still don’t get it? Take a look at the difference! 
Basically, after you read up more about this product...
all your worries are just not necessary! 
This is unlike other common shoulder paddings you can find out there! FLEXIN places your comfort as a priority during the whole creation process. Breathable fabric with short sleeves and of appropriate length (will not peek out of your own outfit)! Of course, Gym Goers...you may skip this step! 🙂
🔻 FLEXIN Shoulder Wear 🔻
STEP 3) Clothes should be neat and not crumpled! 
Do you know...clothes that are crumpled and untidy may show your personality? The other party may think that you can’t be bothered to dress up properly or perhaps...you are ‘messy’ everyday! Right now, you may think that you need an electric iron! Wait…'Don’t have electric iron at home’‘Don’t really know how to use an iron’...all these sound familiar? Now we have this spray that works like magic, giving you the same effect as an electric iron!
↓ Take a look at the result after using FLEXIN Pim Spray
De-wrinkle and eliminate musty odor at the same time! Super easy to use! First, hang up the shirt, spray it from a distance (approx. 30cm) twice until it is slightly damp and gently hold and pull the area that’s crumpled...you can wear it when it’s dry after several minutes! 
Isn’t it convenient? 😏
🔻 FLEXIN Pim Spray 🔻
Ok, outfit settled! What’s the last step?
STEP 4) Before putting on your socks, don’t forget FLEXIN Height Up Band!
Yup, I said ‘before putting on your socks’ … not before wearing your shoes!!! Take a look at the demonstration below :)
Still using those traditional shoe insoles? Too old school! Those are the ones that make you fear removing your shoes (as they may drop out) and the entire world will know that you are wearing some height boosters 😂
How to ‘grow’ taller and keep it as a secret that only you know? Height Up Band is a whole new creation that helps you hide the secret underneath your socks! Reusable as well! Keep it clean by hand washing it gently after use.
🔻 FLEXIN Height Up Band 🔻
Alright, time to wrap up! We hope you find this article useful in preparing for your date! Dress up well and stay confident with FLEXIN
Good luck! 🎉🎉🎉

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