‘Finds it ugly but dare not say out…’ These 5 points are what girls mind about...hurry take precautions now!

‘Finds it ugly but dare not say out…’ These 5 points are what girls mind about...hurry take precautions now!

Photo source: vjapratama@Pexels

Whether you guys are in the honeymoon period...waiting for a miracle to happen...when getting along with each other or when you meet someone you like...do you want to know that girls are actually secretly observing? In this article, we will share with you 5 points to note that girls actually mind! Be alert and not ruin the first impression!


Point 1. Lips are chapped and bloodless. Lost the urge to kiss!

After seeing such lips, the OS in the girl's heart will probably be,

"Don't touch my lips with that kind of lips!!!"

Want to get a kiss? Then take care of your lips now!

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The double-headed design moisturizes the lips on one side and adds color on the other side! It is a shade of red that is suitable for men.

Take care of your lips and it makes you look more energetic~

It will make people have a better impression of you :)


In short, use both sides to achieve kissable lips!


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Point  2. Is the hairline so obvious that it is on the verge of losing hair?

"Will it be that in a few more years...I will go bald?!" I believe that you are quite worried and unsure, right? Bald spots can be due to stress and of course, girls can understand that everyone's body condition is different and they can't control the situation...But if you want to leave a better impression, it's better to cover it up with a little effort! 


We recommend you - Black Monster Black Puff

As long as you see a gap or want to cover up the hairline, gently apply the product on your hair and scalp for a more volumized look! 


Cool right? And...it has the following advantages ▼

Regain your confidence, don't let the bald spots ruin your mood! 


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Point 3. Nails are long and dirty, poor hygiene habits?

Photo source: João Jesus@Pexels

The size and shape of hands are different for everyone. Some people prefer those with long fingers, a pair of ‘reliable hands’ with a wide palm or the rough type which represents ‘hard working’. But no one likes ‘vampire hands’ with long and dirty nails covered with dirt! So...guys, remember to trim your nails regularly! Oh yes! Not only your hands, but also your toenails.


Photo source: Tan Danh@Pexels

Want to be attractive? Please maintain proper hygiene habits as well! 


Point 4. If you want to be more handsome, style properly from inside out! 

Sometimes it's not because you want to reveal it intentionally, it's just that you accidentally make revealed your underwear! 


If you choose a less flattering style...

Girls really can't bear to look at it... can't help but think that,

"This person need to improve on his style”. 


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See if you like tight fitting or loose cut.

The point is that both designs are really stylish and comfortable :)

Comes with great elasticity and made of breathable fabric. 



They have the ability to reduce harmful electromagnetic waves from harming your body!


Designed specially for men, a comfortable and fashionable  underwear collection.


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Point 5. My narrow shoulders makes me look thin, clothes are not looking great on me...


After conducting surveys...

What some men have in common is → Narrow shoulders!!!

You can make your physique look more perfect through hard work and fitness~

I also recommend you a little helper for a quick fix - FLEXIN Shoulder Wear


No time to exercise, too lazy to exercise, too late to exercise, not able to keep fit? This amazing little thing comes in handy!


Wear it as an innerwear, just like a T-shirt! The airy and breathable material will not make you  feel hot and stuffy. 

The shoulder pad is made of mold template that resembles human deltoid muscles. It stays in place without shifting and gives off a natural look. It is fixed on your shoulders just like your original figure.

Wear it and increase your shoulder width by 6cm instantly!

Are you excited to try it now?

That's right, it’s ok if you didn't catch the eyes and attention of your dream girl that time...

Wide shoulders will make girls feel secure...

start working out or try FLEXIN Shoulder Wear now! 


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Be careful of the 5 points mentioned above! At least, be aware and put in some effort to look good. Have a great start in achieving your goals or chasing after the girls of your dream! ❤️

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