Do underwear also have an expiration date? Don't wait until worn out to get a new one! 😰

Do underwear also have an expiration date? Don't wait until worn out to get a new one! 😰

Have you worn your underwear for a long time, even if it turns yellow,  still reluctant to throw it away?😎

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No no no, underwear needs to be decluttered!🔥

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Do you think this way?

If you wear underwear for a long time, it will turn yellow, so wearing dark underwear will be fine!🧑🏿
Even underwear belts loose and become ruffled? Let it be!👋🏼 
The panties have come loose after 3 years of wearing...😏 
When are you gonna to change out all panties !👺

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1. Change your underwear every day

Don't feel as if you can continue wearing without sweating or smelling ~🤭

Because some sweat and secretions can actually cause the reproduction of bacteria, the possibility of inflammation and allergies increases!👾

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2. Underwear needs to be replaced for 3 to 6 months

Maybe you will think that my underwear can still be worn, why should I change it! What a waste!!!😢

No matter how you wash your underwear, there will always be residual bacteria left behind. According to experimental data, an average pair of underwear will contain 0.1g of feces. 🙀Over time, your underwear will become a breeding ground for bacteria.💩

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After hearing this, do you still think it's a waste to change your panties?

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3. Material selection is very important

How uncomfortable it is to wear airtight underwear all day, I believe everyone has some experience of wearing tight and humid panties before. So, is very important to choose underwear with strong breathability and quick drying material!

Super Essential Low-rise SET (3 pack)
Change out 3 panties at once
For everyone who doesn't want to spend time choosing the color, you can have 3 colors and comfortable underwear at once!

If you usually like to wear black, it is suitable for ALL BLACK SET.⚫️ If you like to wear different colors to distinguish which underwear has been worn, you can choose the 3 COLORS SET.🟥 🟧 🟨

Especially in the hot summer, breathable underwear is even more needed!🌤

5 Features
✔Sweat-absorbing and quick-drying
✔ Elastic fabric
✔ Prevent electromagnetic waves
✔ Antibacterial and deodorant
✔3D stereoscopic design

The textured design and color, plus the carefully selected elastic and breathable fabric, are super cost-effective, ONLY$44.8!⚡️

Throw away the yellow and ripped panties in your closet and replace them with UNCOATED!

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