DIY Car Wash? One Thing To Do During The Circuit Breaker! | FLEXIN Car Wash Set

DIY Car Wash? One Thing To Do During The Circuit Breaker! | FLEXIN Car Wash Set

Don’t say we never remind you ah...just go and find one empty car wash bay at the carpark and wash your precious vehicle...If it is occupied...then you wait awhile ok? Stay safe! 

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Not sure if you are like me, dislike queuing up at petrol stations for the car wash service? We can actually save up some money if we do it ourselves! I know that during this period, we seldom drive out anymore, but that’s the point! No more dusty car...let’s countdown to the end of this circuit breaker! 

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Apart from washing your car, it is also important to ensure that products used will not damage your car’s paintwork! What should we do to get rid of dirt on the car in a fast and effective way? 

Here, we share with you 3 points to note that it comes to Car Washing! 

Car Washing Tools

Do not wash the car with any rag cloth you find at home! This will damage the car’s paintwork easily, you should get a cloth or soft sponge that goes easy on your car. 

Strong Water Jets

Do not use a strong water jet close to the car body that may result in the paintwork actually being stripped off the vehicle in serious cases. 

Pick the right Cleaning Solution

Using products not designed for vehicles can yield unwanted results. Do not take random household cleaning agents (dish soap, hand soap, dishwashing detergent, etc.) to wash your car! The right car wash solution is designed to keep the coating well on your vehicle and is not harsh on the paintwork. 

I recommend this to everyone - FLEXIN 5-piece Car Wash Set

Just 3 simple steps! Without continuous water flow or water hose, car washing can be done anytime and anywhere!

Saves Time & Water! Anyone can do it! 

This Value Set includes -

  1. Car Shampoo

  2. Wash Mitt

  3. Multi-Purpose Bucket

  4. Drying Towel

  5. Pressed Spray 2.0L

<<< How to use? >>>

The Multi-Purpose Bucket is light and you can use it as a storage box to keep all the products. Other than that, use it as a stool when you are cleaning the top part of the vehicle! *withstands up to 80kg of weight*

Only limited sets available now for this 5-piece Bundle, wash your car in style!

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