Check this out to have an ultimate relaxing bath! A similar fragrance to Calvin Klein CK One|Body Wash Review!

Check this out to have an ultimate relaxing bath! A similar fragrance to Calvin Klein CK One|Body Wash Review!

We have been received a lot of feedback from our customers!

It turns out that the fragrance of our SURF BOYS sports style is very similar to CK ONE!!!

But the price of Flexin's fragrance spray and CK ONE perfume is nearly 3 times different!! Flexin is definitely a more budget-friendly option suitable for everyone!

Well, some might think that the price of CK ONE is considered affordable prices. But, if you like to experience something different, we highly recommend Flexin!ย 

Try a completely different shower experience with SURF BOYS 3-in-1 shower gel (it's a same line of the fragrance with SURF BOYS spray)

A hot bath can do more than just get you clean โ€” it helps wash away stress and pain, and allow the warmth to calm you. The feeling of being clean is also anxiety-reducing.

But showers can (and should be!) more than just a necessary part of your routine. They can be a valuable time for you to calm yourself, help get your anxiety in check, and have a moment of your time.

Highly recommended to :

Who likes quick and efficient shower!

Beyond efficiency, FLEXIN 3-in-1 shower gel is the ideal 3 in 1 cleanser for men: the cleanser is mild on the skin and suitable for cleansing the body and hair, and face!

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Flexin meets all your needs!ย 

Besides a relaxing and healing aroma, lather well, smell fantastic, be made from quality ingredients & offer value for money.

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In addition to this fragrance, there are 5ย other fragrances to choose from, and each one represents a style!

Yellow (STAY COOL)

Cool and seductive, Gin tonic, and Lemon scent.

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Red (SUN RISE)ย 

Sweet and subtle notes of Grapefruit Cocktail.

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Green (FEEL FRESH)ย ย 

Gender-neutral fragrance, Green apple scent


Photo authorizationย  : cascas0326

Purpleย  (IN THE MOOD)

An alluring sandalwood fragrance

Photo authorizationย  : arsn.wanghsiang

Brownย  (FIG RUSH)

Warm and sweet fig scent

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Not only that, but it also provides moisture, smoothes the face, and gives the hair suppleness.

  • Gentle shampoo- Replenish moisture and suppleness with PENTAVITIN, which is widely recognized by water lock magnets
  • Cleansing facial cleanser- Carbonated bubbles penetrate deep into pores to wash away keratin and the old waste
  • Refreshing and soothing perfumed shower gel- 7 natural plant extracts to help protect the skin, suitable for daily use.





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