According to statistics, 6 out of 10 people have smelly feet. Time to prevent it, before people start avoiding you!

According to statistics, 6 out of 10 people have smelly feet. Time to prevent it, before people start avoiding you!

At places where you need to remove the shoes, are you trying to back out and run away…?

There are many reasons...maybe that the socks are ugly with holes, or you are afraid that your secret height insoles will fall off once you remove the shoes!

But the most common issue is...the rich and pungent  ‘salted fish’ smell will flow out...haha! How embarrassing!?


Do you know what causes foot odor?

The sweat glands on the soles of the feet are 2-3 times more than other parts of the body. There are more than 250,000 sweat glands in the two feet. When you are active, the weather is hot, you are nervous, or if you eat spicy food, you will produce a lot of sweat!!!


After sweating, the humidity and pH value in the shoes provide a suitable environment for the bacteria to grow. In addition, the skin stratum corneum brings sufficient nutrition to the bacteria, allowing the bacteria to multiply and break down keratin, and to mix urea, lactic acid in sweat and so on...which produces a bad smell ~



The following four points are the reasons of Smelly Feet -

#1 Wear stuffy shoes with poor breathability for a long time

Most office workers will have this problem. Due to the requirements at work, they have to dress formal with leather shoes, rain boots, rubber shoes, etc. on a daily basis. These shoes are made of leather and rubber without ventilation holes,sweat cannot be easily discharged. Especially in Summer, the soles of the feet are in a humid state for a long time, sweat and bacteria combine together and produce a nasty odor.

Photo source : Clem Onojeghuo@Pexels

#2 Ignore socks material

People tend to pay more attention to the choice of their shoes, but for socks...anything lah!

Wear inside also nobody that what comes into your mind…? 😂

Yeah...most importantly the socks must be cheap?! Not saying that it’s wrong, but you must take note that some socks are made of materials with poor absorption of moisture (sweat), your feet will be soaked in a humid environment. The stuffiness causes bacteria and mold to multiply and breed...Wah! Gonna smell bad! 



#3 Foot infections

If your family has a problem with foot odor, or if you guys share slippers (e.g. just to go somewhere near your house, swimming pool, etc.), the last person wearing the shoes have smelly feet. You will have a high chance of getting the bacteria infection...‘Hong Kong Feet’! 

Photo source : Jim De Ramos@Pexels

#4 Sandals and slippers are known to allow air circulation, but the wrong material may cause your feet to smell worse! 

People will think that so long the feet are kept dry, there will not be smelly feet anymore!! Many people in Singapore love to wear slippers and sandals because of convenience and comfort. However, if the selected material is made of plastic, rubber, or resin...such texture will cause a long-term interaction between the feet and the bacteria...resulting in an unpleasant odor if you don’t clean the shoes regularly! 

Photo source : akshay suresh@Pexels

Lastly, here are some methods to fight foot odor!

#1 Make sure you wash your feet

The basic prevention of foot odor is the cleanliness of the feet, and the nail gap is particularly often neglected! Pollution, dirt, and bacterial growth can cause odor. So...remember not to just wash your feet, but also your toes and toenails. (Here’s an example, don’t ask me where to buy, because I don’t know...😂)

Remember to dry your feet after washing! Moisture may cause ‘Hong Kong Feet’. Exfoliating your feet regularly is also a good option, as keratin provides nutrients for bacterial growth! Get rid of the layer of dead skin! 



#2 Don’t wear the same pair of shoes everyday

The same pair of shoes will not be completely dry because of the dirt and sweat from the previous day. The humid environment will cause foot odor and increase your chances of getting ‘Hong Kong Feet’! 

It is best to avoid wearing the same pair of shoes for two consecutive days. Let it air well outside for awhile before putting them in the shoe cabinet or shoe boxes!

Photo source : StockSnap@Pixabay

#3 Socks should be chosen carefully

Some people will choose socks made of wool, which are less prone to bacteria and have better breathability, but they may be too hot to wear in Summer. You can also consider deodorizing socks on the market, like those types with added Charcoal.

Photo source : ucmao@Pixabay

#4 Control your diet to help your body remove excess moisture

If you have too much moisture in the body, it may cause foot odor problems. You can eat natural food such as corn, yellow pepper, and soybeans, which are good choices. Eat less cold or iced food such as lettuce salad and avoid too much fried, spicy, high sugar foods (drinks).



#5 White vinegar or green tea essential oil and warm water to soak your feet can inhibit bacterial reproduction

The pharmacist pointed out that it can effectively inhibit the growth of bacteria, but the recurrence of foot odor cannot be avoided with just one use, so if you want to improve the problem of foot odor through this method, you must be persistent.

Photo source : Mareefe@Pexels

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Apart from the above listed, there are also a variety of antibacterial and antifungal ingredients that help achieve excellent results.

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Try it out! Expect the unexpected!!!




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