“I’m so lost, not sure what to buy as a gift for HIM!” Budget not over $25? Take a look at the recommended items here!

“I’m so lost, not sure what to buy as a gift for HIM!” Budget not over $25? Take a look at the recommended items here!

Whether it’s birthday, anniversary, or if you just want to get the special ‘him’ a gift…

What’s the most practical present? ♡

Let’s take a look at what we can get below S$25...ready? ▼

1) UNCOATED 247 Collection

I think there isn’t a need for me to explain further…

Unless that person doesn't wear underwear…*but almost everyone wears one!*

2 types of UNCOATED 247 underwear -

  • Boxer Briefs - Low Rise
  • SlimFit - Trunk

Yes, these are of 2 different styles and one bonus* point about Boxer Briefs - Low Rise is that the fabric has the ability to block harmful electromagnetic waves from electronic devices we use daily! 📱

Ok...but for BOTH series >>> 

✔️Breathable fabric material

✔️Absorbs moisture and sweat fast

✔️Great elasticity (esp. when you are working out!)

✔️Made of MicroModal fiber for maximum comfort

✔️Antibacterial and Anti-odor for good personal hygiene

Not to miss out, this trendy design definitely stands out from the majority of the underwear you can find in the market. ❤ Well, perhaps girls may feel embarrassed to get underwear as a gift >___<””


But...UNCOATED 247 comes with exquisite packaging, it’s suitable as a gift! 

Boxer Briefs - Low Rise (Packaging)

SlimFit - Trunk (Packaging)

Highly recommended for guys! 



2) Black Monster Cologne Shower Gel

I know...I know...just like Christmas...everyone is sending out Shower Gels / Body Lotions / Hand Creams, etc...right? But hey...let me tell you...this is a DAILY ESSENTIAL! Why?

First up, take a look at the product design. It’s in sleek black, totally cool for guys! Secondly, it’s not an ordinary shower gel...heard of 3-in-1 (for Hair,Face,Body) products out there? Hahaha...sorry...this is more powerful…...5-in-1!!!

In addition to the 3 areas mentioned above, this can be used to shave and it has a longer lasting fragrance which acts as a perfume! Ideal for guys who hate troublesome things or multiple steps…! ❣



Hair > Contains ‘Pentavitin’; A natural carbohydrate complex for smooth & bouncy hair

Body > Contains ‘Tromethamine’ with added ‘Citric Acid’ to prevent body odor

Face > Contains ‘Hyaluronic Acid’ ingredients to keep skin hydrated 

Shave > Rich bubble foam that is full of moisture for the perfect clean shave 

Perfume > Unique fragrances that linger on the body for hours


*2 fragrances available; Black Mandarine / Black Musk

Apart from using it at home, you can bring it along as you travel around the world...one bottle for all the effects mentioned above...how convenient is that? Saves luggage space and weight! ✔


🔻Black Monster Cologne Shower Gel🔻

3) Black Monster Night Moisture Cream

For guys who don’t have skincare products, this is one that you should try! ♡

Once again, in the signature Black Monster’s packaging...the black tub which contains 100ml of product! Skincare isn’t that complicated, just this ONE is enough for the basics! 


What can this do? >>>

Moisturizing + Whitening + Reduce Wrinkles + Provide nutrients 

Guys, if your skin is overly dry or rough...you look older than your actual age and it affects your overall look! Before it’s too late...hurry...add this to your ‘before bedtime routine‘!

If you visit the official webstore, you will see that customers left reviews, complimenting the product! The product is non-sticky, highly moisturizing and absorbs well on skin!

You should get yours now! 


🔻Black Monster Night Moisture Cream🔻

^^^^No matter what gift you are picking up for your boyfriend, I’m sure it’s the thought that counts! Hope the above mentioned products solve your headache problem…!

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